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Give more helpful message and disable purge of caches

This error message will give information on what exactly has happened
and how to either solve ownership and permissions or disable the check

Also gets rid of the purge of compinit caches since with the current
logic insecure completion directories are ignored and therefore haven't
tainted the cached files.
parent 90a5bd06
......@@ -2,10 +2,6 @@
# insecure ownership or permissions) by:
# * Human-readably notifying the user of these insecurities.
# * Moving away all existing completion caches to a temporary directory. Since
# any of these caches may have been generated from insecure directories, they
# are all suspect now. Failing to do so typically causes subsequent compinit()
# calls to fail with "command not found: compdef" errors. (That's bad.)
function handle_completion_insecurities() {
# List of the absolute paths of all unique insecure directories, split on
# newline from compaudit()'s output resembling:
......@@ -22,39 +18,27 @@ function handle_completion_insecurities() {
insecure_dirs=( ${(f@):-"$(compaudit 2>/dev/null)"} )
# If no such directories exist, get us out of here.
if (( ! ${#insecure_dirs} )); then
print "[oh-my-zsh] No insecure completion-dependent directories detected."
(( ! ${#insecure_dirs} )) && return
# List ownership and permissions of all insecure directories.
print "[oh-my-zsh] Insecure completion-dependent directories detected:"
ls -ld "${(@)insecure_dirs}"
print "[oh-my-zsh] For safety, completions will be disabled until you manually fix all"
print "[oh-my-zsh] insecure directory permissions and ownership and restart oh-my-zsh."
print "[oh-my-zsh] See the above list for directories with group or other writability.\n"
# Locally enable the "NULL_GLOB" option, thus removing unmatched filename
# globs from argument lists *AND* printing no warning when doing so. Failing
# to do so prints an unreadable warning if no completion caches exist below.
setopt local_options null_glob
cat <<EOD
# List of the absolute paths of all unique existing completion caches.
local -aU zcompdump_files
zcompdump_files=( "${ZSH_COMPDUMP}"(.) "${ZDOTDIR:-${HOME}}"/.zcompdump* )
[oh-my-zsh] For safety, we will not load completions from these directories until
[oh-my-zsh] you fix their permissions and ownership and restart zsh.
[oh-my-zsh] See the above list for directories with group or other writability.
# Move such caches to a temporary directory.
if (( ${#zcompdump_files} )); then
# Absolute path of the directory to which such files will be moved.
local ZSH_ZCOMPDUMP_BAD_DIR="${ZSH_CACHE_DIR}/zcompdump-bad"
[oh-my-zsh] To fix your permissions you can do so by disabling
[oh-my-zsh] the write permission of "group" and "others" and making sure that the
[oh-my-zsh] owner of these directories is either root or your current user.
[oh-my-zsh] The following command may help:
[oh-my-zsh] compaudit | xargs chmod g-w,o-w
# List such files first.
print "[oh-my-zsh] Insecure completion caches also detected:"
ls -l "${(@)zcompdump_files}"
[oh-my-zsh] If the above didn't help or you want to skip the verification of
[oh-my-zsh] insecure directories you can set the variable ZSH_DISABLE_COMPFIX to
[oh-my-zsh] "true" before oh-my-zsh is sourced in your zshrc file.
# For safety, move rather than permanently remove such files.
print "[oh-my-zsh] Moving to \"${ZSH_ZCOMPDUMP_BAD_DIR}/\"...\n"
mv "${(@)zcompdump_files}" "${ZSH_ZCOMPDUMP_BAD_DIR}/"
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