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Fixes #6426
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This is a plugin based on yum plugin, but using dnf as main frontend
(from Fedora 22 onwards, yum is deprecated in favor of dnf).
## Aliases
alias dnfs="dnf search" # search package
alias dnfp="dnf info" # show package info
alias dnfl="dnf list" # list packages
alias dnfgl="dnf grouplist" # list package groups
alias dnfli="dnf list installed" # print all installed packages
alias dnfmc="dnf makecache" # rebuilds the dnf package list
alias dnfu="sudo dnf upgrade" # upgrade packages
alias dnfi="sudo dnf install" # install package
alias dnfgi="sudo dnf groupinstall" # install package group
alias dnfr="sudo dnf remove" # remove package
alias dnfgr="sudo dnf groupremove" # remove pagage group
alias dnfrl="sudo dnf remove --remove-leaves" # remove package and leaves
alias dnfc="sudo dnf clean all" # clean cache
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