Commit cafa6574 authored by Joseph Richey's avatar Joseph Richey Committed by Marc Cornellà
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Correctly handle verbose/version flags for rustc (#6786)

See the help output for rustc (v1.25)
parent 493c3095
......@@ -88,14 +88,14 @@ _rustc_opts_vals=(
--pretty='[Pretty-print the input instead of compiling]::TYPE:_values "TYPES" "$_rustc_pretty_types[@]"'
--unpretty='[Present the input source, unstable (and less-pretty)]::TYPE:_values "TYPES" "$_rustc_unpretty_types[@]"'
--color='[Configure coloring of output]:CONF:_values "COLORS" "$_rustc_color_types[@]"'
{-v,--version}'[Print version info and exit]::VERBOSE:(verbose)'
-g'[Equivalent to --debuginfo=2]'
-O'[Equivalent to --opt-level=2]'
--test'[Build a test harness]'
--verbose'[Use verbose output]'
{-v,--verbose}'[Use verbose output]'
{-V,--version}'[Print version info and exit]'
{-h,--help}'[Display this message]'
--no-analysis'[Parse and expand the output, but run no analysis or produce output]'
--no-trans'[Run all passes except translation; no output]'
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