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  Shawn Webb 983e8ab822
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 2 years ago
  Paul Ossenbruggen 6ace3cd18d add xx command to Xcode plugin. Allows quick opening of files in Xcode. (#6812) 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà ebda8af870
Clarify ssh-agent settings position 2 years ago
  Michael Fladischer ce2890bef9 [plugins/vundle] Use HTTPS to clone repository. (#6857) 2 years ago
  Erwan ROUSSEL 8bbef9180e Npm's plugin documentation (#6864) 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà 62f676116e
Merge pull request #6863 from robbyrussell/fix-compfix-loading 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà b91659951e Always load secure completion directories 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà 77b924b839 Give more helpful message and disable purge of caches 2 years ago
  Lorenzo Bolla 90a5bd06ca Prefer virtualenvwrapper_lazy (#6842) 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà 5896c87155
shrink-path: match only the beginning of the directory (#6862) 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà 2294bae06a Merge branch 'shrink-path-chpwd-fix' 2 years ago
  Kaleb Elwert 66cb4005ab Update shrink-path to use cd -q for bypassing the chpwd callbacks 3 years ago
  Marc Cornellà c09783c255 Revert "unset chpwd_functions before running cd ... (#6830)" 2 years ago
  Pooya Parsa d6aeaad83d [plugin] update NPX docs (#6849) 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà 957eb77239
Merge pull request #6844 from lbolla/Issue6843 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà 9b11b7e938
Update logic to follow npm plugin convention 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà 5421650c81
Merge pull request #6860 from nrobinson2000/patch-1 2 years ago
  Nathan Robinson de8ef8286a
Remove po alias 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà ed0bd6b33c
added a transfer.sh plugin (#5854) 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà 3d8ee47c7a
Update README formatting 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà 8f3737f45b Revert fbcda4d 2 years ago
  Chuan Jin 2642f0a8b4 Add git log with date (#6789) 2 years ago
  Lorenzo Bolla ee96d0cf96 Fix 6840 Check emacsclient version instead of emacs's (#6841) 2 years ago
  Lorenzo Bolla 2956e7820e Fix 6843 Cache kubectl completion script to file to speed up sourcing 2 years ago
  Mauro Porras P a600ab4b85 Minor fix: "stdin" instead of "stding" (#6801) 2 years ago
  Nikolas Garofil 6dd39a11d4 Docker completion updated to current offical version from the Docker-devs (#6794) 2 years ago
  Matt Lewin d79086bc87 Update terraform plugin with v0.11.7 commands and help (#6834) 2 years ago
  Andrew Baumann fbcda4d5a9 agnoster: cut down on fork/execs improve performance when not in a repo (#6210) 2 years ago
  dt-rush 3dab7e46e8 unset chpwd_functions before running cd to work with the path, to avoid side-effects if the user has set any chpwd_functions which cause output, such as is the case if the user is using auto-ls (#6830) 2 years ago
  Frank Wittig e8aaab56b9 allow . in profile names 6 years ago
  Julien Palmas de1e3c0794 add pg:backups command 5 years ago
  rco-ableton c3493dc5ce Add Heroku pipelines support (#5660) 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà afba4f6b9f
Load insecure completion files if compfix is disabled 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà 0aa645f803
pyenv: search the pyenv command if not found (#6811) 2 years ago
  Gert de Pagter 2b7a41b0d2 Update the update prompt (#6825) 2 years ago
  Varun Patro 6876d9c543 Update fasd.plugin.zsh (#6822) 2 years ago
  Harald Nordgren 0608bb768f Use 'apt' instead of 'apt-get' for Ubuntu >=16.04 (#5787) 2 years ago
  Quentin Nerden 919f0a42a0 Updated autocomplete and readme (#6720) 2 years ago
  Ian Chesal 0c63909ad3 Fix default location of the virtualenvwrapper script (#6348) 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà d02d008579
Add directory hierarchy navigation to dirhistory (#6756) 2 years ago
  Giuseppe Landolfi 8ebf2a6785 Fine-tune dirhistory plugin mappings for Mac (#6580) 2 years ago
  Xiao Fan 18effd77db last-working-dir: disable chpwd_last_working_dir in subshells (#6817) 2 years ago
  Hosh e8c328cb39 Update AWS completion (#6745) 2 years ago
  Quentin Nerden 825baeb310 Add autocomplete plugin for minikube (#6436) 2 years ago
  Francisco Zuviría 18f7ca577a Adhere to coding style outlined in wiki 2 years ago
  David Harrigan b7e544e6f1 gradle plugin should support kotlin gradle build files (#6529) 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà 835c7df795 Merge branch 'MikeDawg-master' 2 years ago
  MikeDawg 0011d34f71 Removed duplicate fedora from plugins, dnf provides exact same features 2 years ago
  Joshua Kovach 362b061f5c Fix branch not updating on checkout in steeef (#6784) 2 years ago
  Marc Cornellà 6bff079332
Allow completion of dot directories (#6803) 2 years ago