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Marc Cornellà 77b924b839 Give more helpful message and disable purge of caches 2 years ago
bzr.zsh Modification to the frisk theme to work with the BZR lib 6 years ago
clipboard.zsh Use $+commands to check the existence of a command in clipboard.zsh. (#5519) 3 years ago
compfix.zsh Give more helpful message and disable purge of caches 2 years ago
completion.zsh Allow completion of dot directories (#6803) 2 years ago
correction.zsh Ordering nocorrect aliases alphabetically 6 years ago
diagnostics.zsh diagnostics: fix for reserved-word changes in zsh 5.1 4 years ago
directories.zsh Remove po alias 2 years ago
functions.zsh Check for Microsoft's WSL in open_command (#6751) 2 years ago
git.zsh Fix git_commits_{ahead,before} when no upstream branch is defined (#6658) 2 years ago
grep.zsh Correct repo dir 4 years ago
history.zsh Increment HISTSIZE to fix hist_expire_dups_first 2 years ago
key-bindings.zsh Better research history with arrow keys 4 years ago
misc.zsh fix(env): Do not override misc env set before sourcing oh-my-zsh (#5231) 3 years ago
nvm.zsh nvm plugin improvements (#5265) 4 years ago
prompt_info_functions.zsh No need to eval in rvm_prompt_info! 6 years ago
spectrum.zsh Merge pull request #3966 from apjanke/fix-spectrum-ls 4 years ago
termsupport.zsh Fix indentation 4 years ago
theme-and-appearance.zsh Fix #5604: No DIR ( directory ) colors (#5605) 3 years ago