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Shawn Webb 983e8ab822
Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2 years ago
adb Update adb (#6472) 2 years ago
ant Fix for ant targets with leading dash 5 years ago
apache2-macports Plugins: apache2-macports - add README 5 years ago
arcanist Fix arcanist aliases (#5110) 4 years ago
archlinux [archlinux] add recent aliases and functions to readme 2 years ago
asdf Add completions to asdf plugin (#6046) 2 years ago
autoenv Adding new path to look for (#5654) 3 years ago
autojump Add nixos support for autojump plugin (#6365) 2 years ago
autopep8 Completion for python, pep8, autopep8 and pylint 7 years ago
aws allow . in profile names 2 years ago
battery Fixing battery prompt formatting issue (cf #5894) (#5895) 3 years ago
bbedit Adding 6 years ago
bgnotify Update (#6554) 2 years ago
boot2docker Add new boot2docker options 5 years ago
bower fixed bower completion error from issue #2694 (#5056) 4 years ago
branch Use default branch on recently created Mercurial repository. (#4985) 4 years ago
brew brew: fix disclaimer shown if mkdir is aliased 3 years ago
bundler add hanami to the list of wrapped gems (#6334) 2 years ago
bwana Bwana plugin for reading man pages in Safari 8 years ago
cabal Merge pull request #2346 from zsiciarz/master 5 years ago
cake Switch newer-than logic to get the desired behavior 5 years ago
cakephp3 Fix styling in cakephp3 completion 4 years ago
capistrano use capit instead of shipit as shipit conflicts with npm package shipit 4 years ago
cargo Update rust plugin for latest rustc (#6342) 2 years ago
cask Add more information to cask plugin README 3 years ago
catimg Verification of convert inside the function 6 years ago
celery Add celery completion 7 years ago
chruby speed up chruby plugin by eliminating(as much as possible) calls to brew (#6080) 2 years ago
chucknorris Remove the GPL LICENSE file b/c it's no longer relevant 2 years ago
clamav Add ability to go straight into a subdir 6 years ago
cloudapp Added cloudapp from @holman of @GitHub fame 9 years ago
codeclimate Add codeclimate autocomplete plugin 5 years ago
coffee Fixed typo (#5369) 4 years ago
colemak Fix path for colemak plugin 6 years ago
colored-man-pages Prepend function keyword in colored-man-pages plugin (#6238) 2 years ago
colorize updated alias and corrected python package (#6520) 2 years ago
command-not-found Add OSX support for command-not-found 4 years ago
common-aliases common-aliases: check if `$XIVIEWER` is defined and minor fixes 3 years ago
compleat Cleanup 9 years ago
composer Fix Standard Error Redirection for composer plugin (#5935) 2 years ago
copybuffer Add copybuffer function and keybinding (#5431) 4 years ago
copydir Add READMEs to plugins copydir and copyfile (#6802) 2 years ago
copyfile Add READMEs to plugins copydir and copyfile (#6802) 2 years ago
cp Fix cp plugin completion and refactor (#5427) 4 years ago
cpanm Optimize plugin loading so that only one call to compinit is required 9 years ago
debian fix conflict with command ag (#6395) 2 years ago
dircycle dircycle: fix error on insert-cycledleft if dirstack is empty 3 years ago
dirhistory Add directory hierarchy navigation to dirhistory (#6756) 2 years ago
dirpersist style fixes 5 years ago
django Update django.plugin.zsh (#6634) 2 years ago
dnf Add README to dnf plugin 4 years ago
docker Minor fix: "stdin" instead of "stding" (#6801) 2 years ago
docker-compose Add docker-compose start alias 'dcstart' (#6675) 2 years ago
docker-machine Add docker-machine plugin (#4782) 2 years ago
dotenv add dotenv plugin (#4373) 3 years ago
droplr 'plugins/droplr/ Solve typos' 3 years ago
eecms Add ExpressionEngine CMS autocompletion (#6556) 2 years ago
emacs Fix 6840 Check emacsclient version instead of emacs's (#6841) 2 years ago
ember-cli Merge master (rebase being super annoying). Fix conflicts 5 years ago
emoji Merge pull request #4244 from Gnouc/master 5 years ago
emoji-clock added support for GNU version of `date` 6 years ago
emotty Fix typo that resulted in math error (#6731) 2 years ago
encode64 Adding support for stdin input in the encode64 plugin 4 years ago
extract Update extract.plugin.zsh (#6516) 2 years ago
fabric Update to a better fab compeletion script. 7 years ago
fancy-ctrl-z Moved comments and credits from source to README 5 years ago
fasd Update fasd.plugin.zsh (#6822) 2 years ago
fastfile Enhance handleing of spaces in filenames 8 years ago
fbsd Add function to find the pid of an application better than just pgrep. Add function to kill the offlineimap process. 6 years ago
fbterm Exit only if the fbterm session closed correctly 5 years ago
fedora Removed duplicate fedora from plugins, dnf provides exact same features 2 years ago
firewalld corrected alias documentation 4 years ago
forklift forklift: update homepage URL and tweak formatting 4 years ago
fossil Added fossil plugin. 4 years ago
frontend-search Fix bug in compass docs search 4 years ago
gas Update the script to account for the changes in 0.1.7 where .gas is a directory 9 years ago
gb Rename getgb plugin to gb 4 years ago
geeknote Added a short description of the plugin 6 years ago
gem gem plugin: added _files to install command 6 years ago
git Add git log with date (#6789) 2 years ago
git-extras Fixed a typo. 4 years ago
git-flow Update git-flow aliases (#6335) 2 years ago
git-flow-avh Update git-flow-avh 1.7.0 6 years ago
git-hubflow Add Git Hubflow aliases 5 years ago
git-prompt Parse branch-name for fresh repo (#6302) 2 years ago
git-remote-branch Only trim remote names; be git-flow friendly 7 years ago
gitfast Use OSTYPE instead of uname whenever possible for better speed. (#5496) 4 years ago
github Simplify hub check and hardcode aliasing (#6767) 2 years ago
gitignore Better app error handling in curl (#5828) 2 years ago
glassfish application completion 8 years ago
globalias Fix formatting and usage section 4 years ago
gnu-utils 'plugins/gnu-utils/gnu-utils.plugin.zsh: Solve typos' 3 years ago
go remove duplicate 'go' plugin, symlink to 'golang' 6 years ago
gocode Add gocode plugin 6 years ago
golang Add more go aliases (#5259) 4 years ago
gpg-agent Revert to checking if `enable-ssh-support` is set 2 years ago
gradle gradle plugin should support kotlin gradle build files (#6529) 2 years ago
grails Removed unnecessary execute permissions for some plugins 6 years ago
grunt Update Grunt plugin to 0.1.2 5 years ago
gulp Update gulp.plugin.zsh 4 years ago
hanami Fix styling and format of hanami README 2 years ago
helm Added: Helm plugins (#6265) 2 years ago
heroku add pg:backups command 2 years ago
history Added file 5 years ago
history-substring-search 'plugins/history-substring-search/history-substring-search.zsh: Solve typos' 3 years ago
httpie Add README for httpie plugin 5 years ago
iterm2 Plugin for iTerm2 (#3790) 2 years ago
iwhois provides iwhois command to use CNAMES under to find most accurate whois server 6 years ago
jake-node Jake-node plugin : update 8 years ago
jhbuild Add initial JHBuild plugin support 5 years ago
jira Change the br argument to branch to follow PR #6678. (#6680) 2 years ago
jruby Removed unnecessary execute permissions for some plugins 6 years ago
jsontools adding urldecode_json to compliment urlencode_json and updating; slight tweak to urlencode_json from previous commit 6 years ago
jump Add non 0 exit code for missing jump targets (#5500) 4 years ago
kate Add a plugin to support kate the kde texteditor 9 years ago
kitchen Replace _kitchen completion with the version from zsh-users (#5011) 4 years ago
knife Fix: Plugin knife: Add relative local path for commands which upload files (#4240) 4 years ago
knife_ssh No cat, and hide errors for missing cache file 7 years ago
kops feature(plugins): adds kops (kubernetes operations) plugin (#6107) 2 years ago
kube-ps1 kube-ps1 zsh prompt helper (#6507) 2 years ago
kubectl Update logic to follow npm plugin convention 2 years ago
laravel Added laravel plugin which gives aliases to artisan and bob, and 8 years ago
laravel4 Laravel 5 support 5 years ago
laravel5 Enhanced Laravel 5 Plugin (#6376) 2 years ago
last-working-dir last-working-dir: disable chpwd_last_working_dir in subshells (#6817) 2 years ago
lein Add file completions for lein (#5380) 4 years ago
lighthouse Use standard open command in fasd and lighthouse plugins 5 years ago
lol Adding whatthecommit to lol plugin (#6289) 2 years ago
macports Optimize plugin loading so that only one call to compinit is required 9 years ago
man Add 'man' plugin. 5 years ago
marked2 Adding and renaming plugin 6 years ago
mercurial Use actual `commit --amend` command for Mercurial 4 years ago
meteor Add README to meteor plugin 4 years ago
minikube Add autocomplete plugin for minikube (#6436) 2 years ago
mix Added ecto tasks (#6035) 2 years ago
mix-fast Fix mix-fast plugin (#6708) 2 years ago
mosh Add support for mosh (remote-shell) tab completion. 7 years ago
mvn Added 'clean verify' to the mvn plugin targets (#6339) 2 years ago
mysql-macports Fixed folder naming for mysql-macports plugin and improved start/stop scripts. 9 years ago
n98-magerun Add file completion as optional argument 5 years ago
nanoc Add new 'nanoc' plugin 8 years ago
ng Added 4 years ago
nmap Add 3 more nmap aliases to nmap plugin 5 years ago
node Update endpoint from HTTP to HTTPS (#5622) 3 years ago
nomad feat(nomad): add common commands and new readme 4 years ago
npm Npm's plugin documentation (#6864) 2 years ago
npx [plugin] update NPX docs (#6849) 2 years ago
nvm nvm plugin improvements (#5265) 4 years ago
nyan Update nyan.plugin.zsh 6 years ago
oc Add OpenShift autocompletion (#6049) 2 years ago
osx Replace spotify command in the osx plugin with a more recent copy of the upstream project (#6419) 2 years ago
pass Fix pass zsh completion and autoloading 6 years ago
paver A paver (Python build and configuration utility) plugin 5 years ago
pep8 Completion for python, pep8, autopep8 and pylint 7 years ago
per-directory-history Update per-directory-history plugin to latest version (#5493) 4 years ago
perl Removing say() function in perl plugin so that it doesn't overwrite OSX comand line utility. Closes #2562 5 years ago
perms Avoid unnecesary processing... (#5352) 4 years ago
phing Remove warning lines from phing completion 4 years ago
pip add pip --user (#6470) 2 years ago
pj Revert "Fix pj() function when no project has been specified" 4 years ago
pod generate with 'pod --completion-script' /cc thx to @ajmccall 5 years ago
postgres Add reload and status alises to postgres 7 years ago
pow Change all pwd calls for $PWD variable 5 years ago
powder Added auto complete plugin for powder gem 9 years ago
powify Update powify for displayed parameter is not enough, and when there is no directory error 7 years ago
profiles Fixes the profiles-plugin 5 years ago
pyenv pyenv: search the pyenv command if not found (#6811) 2 years ago
pylint pylint.plugin.zsh: Remove include-ids=y 4 years ago
python Merge pull request #2088 from Stibbons/gsemet_push_pep_pylint_completion 6 years ago
rails $ rails runner [TAB] *complete* (#5881) 2 years ago
rake Adieu l'ami. 6 years ago
rake-fast rake-fast: change variable name from `$path' to `$file' 4 years ago
rand-quote Remove code, not comment it out 5 years ago
rbenv Set RBENV_ROOT to "$HOME/.rbenv" if not already set (#6324) 2 years ago
rbfu provide plugin for rbfu the ruby version switcher 8 years ago
react-native Add React Native aliases for logs (#5756) 3 years ago
rebar Add rebar to plugin 7 years ago
redis-cli Fixed typo for one of the subcommands (linset -> linsert) 9 years ago
repo New alias for repo: ru and rst 6 years ago
rsync Adding compression to rsync commands 6 years ago
ruby Update ruby.plugin.zsh (#2117) 2 years ago
rust Correctly handle verbose/version flags for rustc (#6786) 2 years ago
rvm rvm plugin: Fix `gems` to work with GNU sed 5 years ago
safe-paste The safe-paste plugin now works with tmux, too 7 years ago
sbt added assembly alias (#5107) 4 years ago
scala 'plugins/scala/_scala: Solve typos' 3 years ago
scd Update to the upstream smart-change-directory. 6 years ago
screen Add support of screen-* $TERM in screen plugin 7 years ago
scw Support for 'scw' command (Scaleway CLI) 5 years ago
secadm Add secadm plugin 5 years ago
sfffe Moved misplaced plugins. 7 years ago
shrink-path shrink-path: match only the beginning of the directory (#6862) 2 years ago
singlechar Make (s)xf not search in current dir 8 years ago
spring spring boot plugin 5 years ago
sprunge sprunge-plugin: Remove the unnecessary while loop. 8 years ago
ssh-agent Clarify ssh-agent settings position 2 years ago
stack Remove unnecessary sandbox fn 5 years ago
sublime [subl] Fix local variable definition 2 years ago
sudo Plugin : Sudo - Add support of sudoedit (#5035) 4 years ago
supervisor Add version option 7 years ago
suse 'plugins/suse/suse.plugin.zsh: Solve typos' 3 years ago
svn Clean up and refactor code in svn plugin 4 years ago
svn-fast-info ignore any grep aliases that might be defined 5 years ago
swiftpm swift-pm: Rename plugin to 'swiftpm' (#5674) 3 years ago
symfony Fix symfony command completion 'permission denied' 7 years ago
symfony2 updated symfony plugin to add entity generation and schema update aliases (#5042) 2 years ago
systemadmin Updated with @mcornella suggestions 5 years ago
systemd Add list-timers to systemd user commands (#5099) 4 years ago
taskwarrior Update taskwarrior completion to 2.5.1 (#5171) 4 years ago
terminalapp Add a deprecation comment. 5 years ago
terminitor terminitor plugin: add autocompletion also for edit, delete and setup subcommands. 9 years ago
terraform Update terraform plugin with v0.11.7 commands and help (#6834) 2 years ago
textastic Adding 6 years ago
textmate Update 'tm' function to take multiple files on the command-line 4 years ago
thefuck thefuck-alias -> thefuck --alias 5 years ago
themes themes plugin now picks a random theme if no argument is provided. 7 years ago
thor Thor 9 years ago
tig Add README to tig plugin 4 years ago
tmux Add tmux attach -d alias (#5285) 4 years ago
tmux-cssh [tmux-cssh plugin] Initial version 5 years ago
tmuxinator Fix tmuxinator completion for symlinked dirs 5 years ago
torrent Adding torrent tools plugin. 7 years ago
transfer Update README formatting 2 years ago
tugboat Added the tugboat autocompletion plugin 5 years ago
ubuntu Use 'apt' instead of 'apt-get' for Ubuntu >=16.04 (#5787) 2 years ago
urltools plugins/urltools: add suport for python 3 (#5039) 4 years ago
utils Add script to get the memory usage of a given program 6 years ago
vagrant Get rid of some silly copy pasta (#3187) 2 years ago
vault Vault basic autocompletion. 4 years ago
vi-mode Fix iTerm crash on window re-size (#5211) 4 years ago
vim-interaction [vim-interaction plugin] Escaping special chars in file names and simplifying code. 5 years ago
virtualenv Make the virtualenv plugin themable 7 years ago
virtualenvwrapper Prefer virtualenvwrapper_lazy (#6842) 2 years ago
virustotal Abstract getting the file hash in order to support Linux 6 years ago
vundle [plugins/vundle] Use HTTPS to clone repository. (#6857) 2 years ago
wakeonlan Adding README file for the wakeonlan plugin 9 years ago
wd [wd] Fix update of wd plugin to v0.4.6 (#6407) 2 years ago
web-search Add Qwant engine - web_search plugin (#6701) 2 years ago
wp-cli This plugin also includes tab completions 4 years ago
xcode add xx command to Xcode plugin. Allows quick opening of files in Xcode. (#6812) 2 years ago
yarn Update Yarn plugin alias (#6246) 2 years ago
yii Added Yii basic command completion 6 years ago
yii2 Updated Yii2 command completion 5 years ago
yum Fixed unmached " in yum plugin 8 years ago
z 'plugins/z/z.1: Solve typos' 3 years ago
zeus Disable globbing when executing `zeus rake` aliases to enable use of square brackets without escaping 5 years ago
zsh-navigation-tools znt: Update to v2.2.7 (#5576) 3 years ago
zsh_reload zsh_reload: add README 2 years ago