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Merge pull request #86 from MarkLodato/npm

Set up `npm run lint` to call markdownlint.
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name: Lint name: Lint
on: [pull_request] on: [workflow_dispatch, pull_request]
permissions: read-all permissions: read-all
jobs: jobs:
lint: lint:
runs-on: ubuntu-latest runs-on: ubuntu-latest
steps: steps:
- name: Markdown Lint - name: Checkout
uses: nosborn/github-action-markdown-cli@6e34c67b8bd3406dd8ee6eeba353ca4c66793501 # v2.0.0 uses: actions/checkout@5a4ac9002d0be2fb38bd78e4b4dbde5606d7042f # v2.3.4
with: - name: Setup Node
files: . uses: actions/setup-node@38d90ce44d5275ad62cc48384b3d8a58c500bb5f # v2.2.0
config_file: ".markdownlint.yaml" - run: npm ci --ignore-scripts
- run: npm run lint --silent
.sass-cache .sass-cache
_site _site
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"scripts": {
"lint": "markdownlint *.md controls/*.md",
"format": "markdownlint *.md controls/*.md --fix"
"dependencies": {
"markdownlint-cli": "^0.27.1"
Supports Markdown
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