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Merge pull request #2 from MarkLodato/repo-link

Fix link to in-toto attestation repo; add predicate links.
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......@@ -105,10 +105,10 @@ Summary: Generate [in-toto](https://in-toto.io) attestations.
(TODO: Recommend Crypto/PKI)
* Statement:
* Predicate: Choose as appropriate. (TODO link to specific specs)
* Provenance
* [SPDX]
* Predicate: Choose as appropriate.
* [Provenance](https://github.com/in-toto/attestation/tree/main/spec/provenance.md)
* [SPDX](https://github.com/in-toto/attestation/tree/main/spec/spdx.md)
* If none are a good fit, invent a new one.
* Bundle and Storage/Lookup:
* Local Filesystem: TODO
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