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Explain how SLSA can help with typosquatting.

Previously the doc said flatly that typosquatting was out of scope. But
SLSA can be a partial mitigation, so we should clarify that.
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......@@ -552,7 +552,10 @@ cryptographic signature is no longer valid.
*Threat:* Register a package name that is similar looking to a popular package
and get users to use your malicious package instead of the benign one.
*Mitigation:* **Outside the scope of SLSA.**
*Mitigation:* **Mostly outside the scope of SLSA.** That said, the requirement
to make the source available can be a mild deterrent, can aid investigation or
ad-hoc analysis, and can complement source-based typosquatting solutions.
<sup>[[Verified history] and [Retained indefinitely] @ SLSA 3]</sup>
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