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Merge pull request #149 from TomHennen/source-in-prov

Add "Identifies Source Code" requirement
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......@@ -446,6 +446,26 @@ or
[the Explicitly Run Commands example](https://slsa.dev/provenance/v0.1#explicitly-run-commands)).
<tr id="identifies-source-code">
<td>Identifies source code
The provenance identifies the repository origin(s) for the source code used in
the build.
The identified repositories SHOULD only include source used directly in the build.
The source of dependencies SHOULD NOT be included.
At level 2 this information MAY come from users and DOES NOT need to be
authenticated by the builder.
At level 3+ this information MUST be authenticated by the builder (i.e. the
builder either needs to have fetched the source itself or _observed_ the fetch).
At level 4 this information MUST be complete (i.e. all source repositories used
in the build are listed).
<td><td><td>✓ (Authenticated)<td>✓ (Complete)
<tr id="identifies-entry-point">
<td>Identifies entry point
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