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## Developer using third party software packages
A developer using third party software packages wants to ensure the third party dependencies
used by their product have not been tampered with.
TODO: Add some options for how developers might do this.
A developer using BarImage wants to ensure it hasn't been tampered with before using it.
They could do this by:
1. Requesting BarInc to publish the
[in-toto Provenance](https://github.com/in-toto/attestation/blob/main/spec/predicates/provenance.md)
and any additional attestations (such as
[source control attestations](https://github.com/in-toto/attestation/issues/47)) for BarImage
each time it is released.
2. Requesting BarInc to publish the public keys it's builder uses to sign the attestation.
* (TBD) [Determine how to convey these keys](https://github.com/slsa-framework/slsa/issues/101).
4. Requesting BarInc to confirm what SLSA level their builder and source control system meet.
* In the future there may be an accredidation body that confirm this _for_ BarInc.
5. Determining what policy to apply to BarImages
* They could create this policy on first use based on the data provided in the in-toto Provenance.
Any significant deviations (e.g. builder changed, source repo changed) would cause failure. OR
* BarInc could _publish_ a suggested policy for users of BarImage on their website.
5. Establish a secure choke-point that any uses of BarImage must pass through in order to be used.
* E.g. On import to a local Docker registry
6. Have the choke-point check the candiate BarImage against it's provenance, checking it against the
policy from #4.
7. Only import the container image if all the checks in #6 pass.
## Package Repository accepting a software package
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