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  1. 09 Jun, 2021 4 commits
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      Merge pull request #56 from MarkLodato/provisional · 21e12e71
      Mark Lodato authored
      Remove "proposed" wording.
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      Remove "proposed" wording. · 529afa03
      Mark Lodato authored
      Minor changes to remove the notion that this is a "proposal" and instead
      just describe SLSA as it is.
      Also explain that levels 2-3 are likely to change in the future, rather
      than using some sort of symbol (*) or term (provisional), since
      technically all requirements are subject to change. It's just that 2-3
      are more likely to change.
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      Merge pull request #55 from MarkLodato/clarification · acc814a1
      Mark Lodato authored
      Clarify SLSA requirements.
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      Clarify SLSA requirements. · d0c79147
      Mark Lodato authored
      Changes to requirements:
      - Remove "Source Integrity", add immutable references to "Hermetic".
      - Drop "Common" from SLSA 2 because it is likely expensive.
      - Split out "Ephemeral Environment" from "Isolation" (from #52).
      - Explain that GH-generated merge commits meet Verified History (from #52).
      - Clarify that all artifact references are immutable (from #52).
      - Rename "Dependencies" to "Dependencies Complete" to avoid confusion.
      - Define "SLSA level", "provenance", and "top-level source."
      - Other minor cleanups.
  2. 08 Jun, 2021 5 commits
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      Merge pull request #54 from MarkLodato/diagrams · 17b77918
      Mark Lodato authored
      Update Vision section with latest changes.
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      Update Vision section with latest changes. · 6ee42edd
      Mark Lodato authored
      - Make the vision diagrams consistent with the terminology section:
        - Output is on the right, input is on the left.
        - Use colors consistently.
        - Rename "resource" to "artifact locator".
        - Simplify the diagram to reduce confusion (fixes #31).
      - Update the level explanations based on recent changes:
        - SLSA 1 is unsigned.
        - Add SLSA 1.5 (merged with the SLSA 2 section).
        - Minor wording updates.
      - Remove Deployment Policies section. We will eventually need to explain
        policies, but for now let's omit it until we agree on what that should
        look like.
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      Merge pull request #53 from MarkLodato/terminology · 6f552a33
      Mark Lodato authored
      Remove Resource and Deploy to simplify the model.
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      Remove Resource and Deploy to simplify the model. · 03699118
      Mark Lodato authored
      Previously, we differentiated between Resources and Artifacts, and SLSA
      was a property of a Resource's security policy. However, many readers
      found this concept very confusing.
      Now, SLSA is purely a property of the artifact. If provenance exists
      showing that it met the requirements, the artifact meets the level. No
      policy or notion of "resource" is required. This simplifies the model at
      some cost of security, which we have collectively decided is worth the
      NOTE: The Vision section will be updated in a future change.
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      Rename "Retained" to "Retained Indefinitely" · 9873d440
      Mark Lodato authored
      This makes the table easier to read since one box is not a simple
      checkmark instead of a word.
  3. 07 Jun, 2021 2 commits
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      Replace nouns with adjectives in requirements. · 068b4911
      Mark Lodato authored
      This reads better and is consistent with the new provenance
      requirements, which all use adjectives.
      Example: Isolation -> Isolated.
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      Add SLSA 1.5 and split Tamper Resistant. · 67ba6585
      Mark Lodato authored
      Add a new level, SLSA 1.5, between 1 and 2. We will renumber all the
      levels to integers right before we finalize the first version. In the
      meantime, we keep numbering the same to reduce confusion.
      Split Tamper Resistant into Authenticated + Service Generated +
      Non-Falsifiable. This split makes the meaning more clear, particularly
      that SLSA 1 is unauthenticated. SLSA 1.5 requires only the first two,
      with non-falsifiable being a property at SLSA 2.
  4. 04 Jun, 2021 3 commits
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      fixing typo · 117a3256
      Kim Lewandowski authored
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      Revert "Remove broken links to SRS Book PDF (#25)." · 7ac6f64c
      Joshua Lock authored
      The PDF is available again.
      This reverts commit 85861abf.
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      Rework SLSA requirements. · 2b328fb8
      Mark Lodato authored
      SLSA 1 is now fully defined and has lower requirements.
      Major changes:
      - Replace "Readability" with "Version Control", removed at SLSA 1.
      - Add "Build Service", required at SLSA 2.
      - Split "Provenance" into three rows, and do not require tamper
        resistance (e.g. signing) until SLSA 2.
      - Remove "Enforcement". This is now orthogonal to the level.
      - Do not require "Logging", "Policy", or "Common" until SLSA 2.
      - Simplify "Policy" to not talk about build entry point.
      Minor changes:
      - Rename "Change History" to "Verified History".
  5. 03 Jun, 2021 2 commits
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  12. 26 Apr, 2021 1 commit
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      Remove broken links to SRS Book PDF (#25). · 85861abf
      Mark Lodato authored
      Looks like Google took down the free copy of the book, so we just have
      to link to the landing page. That also means we can't use that as one of
      our "benefits of reproducible builds" links. :-(
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  17. 12 Apr, 2021 3 commits
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      Require Reproducibility or a justification. · fdcd336d
      Mark Lodato authored
      Previously we only "recommended" reproducibility. This was both very
      weak and also unenforceable.
      Now we require Reproducibility unless there is a justification why it is
      not. This is a much stronger motivation to make things Reproducible: it
      is the path of least resistance. Furthermore, this can now be checked
      in an automated way: either the "reproducible" bit is set or the
      "justification" is non-empty. We will likely want to have an enum of
      valid justifications, but that will be decided once we write detailed
      builder requirements.
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      Add Reproducibility as a recommendation for SLSA 3. · 5310e40a
      Mark Lodato authored
      At SLSA 3, we now recommend reproducible builds. This is not a strict
      requirement because not all builds can become reproducible, as explained
      in the text. Once we write the detailed requirements, we will likely
      want to somehow explain that reproducible should be the default, while
      still allowing individual projects to opt-out.
      The reason for adding this recommendation is to move the industry
      towards reproducibility, which is a generally useful property. By having
      it as the "default" path, most software will just go with the past of
      least resistance rather than opting out.
      Note that this does not require *verifying* the reproduction for
      security. Instead, the builder just claims that it was reproducible,
      presumably by building it twice and making sure that the output is
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      Merge pull request #16 from MarkLodato/nits · 684bbf7c
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      Small fixes 
  18. 09 Apr, 2021 2 commits