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    • Mark Lodato's avatar
      Convert attacks table to Markdown. · 978bd0c6
      Mark Lodato authored
      This makes the table easier to maintain. Although the long lines are
      annoying, we get the benefit of not having to deal with HTML.
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      Reformat the attacks table, fix link to reqs. · 69ff74d6
      Mark Lodato authored
      Reformat the attacks table to make it easier to maintain:
      - Remove unnecessary closing `tr` and `td` tags.
      - Merge short columns onto one line.
      - Separate each row with a blank line.
      - Break lines at natural boundaries.
      Fix a stale link to, which (a) was an absolute
      link instead of relative, (b) pointed to a file that has since been
      deleted, and (c) didn't work on since the jekyll-relative-links
      plugin only works on Markdown links, not HTML links.
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      Merge pull request #86 from MarkLodato/npm · 3713e7da
      Mark Lodato authored
      Set up `npm run lint` to call markdownlint.
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      Pin GH Actions and rename lint to format · 833d1a5d
      Mark Lodato authored
  11. 30 Jun, 2021 1 commit
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      Set up `npm run lint` to call markdownlint. · 221e8347
      Mark Lodato authored
      This makes it easier for other developers to run markdownlint, and
      checking in package-lock.json ensures that we're all using the same
      Futhermore, this commit calls `npm run lint` directly instead of using
      the GitHub Action because the action doesn't seem to be working.