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      Merge pull request #271 from MarkLodato/spec-list · ddde08eb
      Mark Lodato authored
      Simplify the specifications list template.
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      Simplify the specifications list template. · ede46663
      Mark Lodato authored
      Similar to e56c3889
       (#270), but for the list of subpages in
      /spec/v0.1/index. This change replace the "automatic" code with a manual
      list, which is much easier to understand and maintain.
      No content change. The only HTML change is to switch from absolute to
      relative links and to eliminate empty `<li>` elements.
      NOTE: Neither the original nor new code correctly handled displaying
      more than one specification version. This commit adds a TODO making it
      clear that it doesn't work.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMark Lodato <>
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      Merge pull request #270 from MarkLodato/nav · 1f6b8032
      Joshua Lock authored
      Simplify the nav template
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      Simplify the nav template · e56c3889
      Mark Lodato authored
      The old nav system had several drawbacks:
      - It tried to "automatically" list all of the specification pages using
        the `order` field of each page, but this didn't work correctly and was
        a pain to maintain. Plus the liquid code was complicated.
      - There was no way to customize the link text (always page title) or to
        link to custom URLs (e.g. /provenance instead of /provenance/v0.2).
      - The mobile and non-mobile templates were duplicate but slightly
        different, which may lead to bugs in the future.
      Now we have an explicit configuration in _data/nav.yml and use the same
      template for both mobile and non-mobile nav bars. This should be easier
      to maintain.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMark Lodato <>
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