1504 Commits (hardened/current/master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  asomers 2dc3d20a84 Speed up "zpool import" in the presence of many zvols 5 months ago
  kevans a94ef72fbe libzfs: add zfs_mount_at 5 months ago
  markj 03c502c41a Use a deterministic hash for USDT symbol names. 6 months ago
  mjg c214ed8761 vfs: add a file missed in r356337 6 months ago
  markj 2ade50c460 Add libdtrace support for arm64 USDT probes. 6 months ago
  rlibby 21fe5f45cd dtrace: avoid gcc9 Walloca-larger-than 6 months ago
  sjg 16923f2426 Update Makefile.depend files 7 months ago
  tsoome f0cb677efb libzpool: use CFLAGS.lz4.c to build lz4.o and lz4.pico 7 months ago
  avg b690a5a4e3 MFV r354383: 10592 misc. metaslab and vdev related ZoL bug fixes 7 months ago
  avg 8f9d69492c MFV r354382,r354385: 10601 10757 Pool allocation classes 7 months ago
  avg 5fb301e793 zpool.8: remove a paragraph about quorum disks 7 months ago
  avg b4e24cd217 fix up r354804, resolve merge conflicts in zpool.8 7 months ago
  markj b84c86e41e Fix inconsistencies in anonymous DOF files. 7 months ago
  avg a0993d42a5 fix up r354804, link zstreamdump with libzfs 7 months ago
  avg e63d2efc6c fix zpool list property names 8 months ago
  avg facf75e0dd MFV r354377: 10554 Implemented zpool sync command 8 months ago
  tsoome 2e0488d438 r354253 did miss the fact that libzpool is built as fake kernel 8 months ago
  tsoome 6560e8be0e Remove duplicate lz4 implementations 8 months ago
  asomers 22b0eb13b2 MFZoL: Avoid retrieving unused snapshot props 8 months ago
  avg 61baeb329f zfs.8: fix a typo in the date 8 months ago
  avg 722bbbddac fix section number in zfs-program.8 9 months ago
  avg 4cc84298dd MFV r348596: 9689 zfs range lock code should not be zpl-specific 9 months ago
  avg fdf92df956 fix wording / typos in r353625 9 months ago
  avg bdeb23c1eb zfs: add a lame emulation of cv_wait_sig(9) in userland to fix r353618 9 months ago
  avg cc0089fc57 MFV r353623: 10473 zfs(1M) missing cross-reference to zfs-program(1M) 9 months ago
  avg 935d5ee530 MFV r353615: 9485 Optimize possible split block search space 9 months ago
  avg e7993b34fd MFC r353611: 10330 merge recent ZoL vdev and metaslab changes 9 months ago
  avg 9c1ef2e58d MFV r353606: 10067 Miscellaneous man page typos 9 months ago
  avg 928e974c92 zfs: remove gratuitous divergence from other openzfs flavours 9 months ago
  avg d5ea96dc34 zfs: remove incorrect warning about boot support for large_dnode 9 months ago
  avg 46619028b7 zfs: document large_dnode feature 9 months ago
  avg bd8e9d12b1 MFV r350898, r351075: 8423 8199 7432 Implement large_dnode pool feature 9 months ago
  avg a757da83a4 ZFS: add bookmark renaming 9 months ago
  avg 7a87add9eb MFZoL: Retire send space estimation via ZFS_IOC_SEND 9 months ago
  avg 907e26f118 print summary line for space estimate of zfs send from bookmark 9 months ago
  dim 8e9ff54361 Merge ^/head r352537 through r352586. 9 months ago
  sef 3ad2b32021 Fix a regression introduced in r344601, and work properly with the 9 months ago
  avg 99cb216bf9 update zfs send usage help with r352447 9 months ago
  avg 28e4f4ca96 MFZoL: Add -vnP support to 'zfs send' for bookmarks 9 months ago
  manu c8114f8ed2 pkgbase: Force zfs(8) and zpool(8) to be in the runtime package 10 months ago
  avg a3dbacfc31 ZFS: Always refuse receving non-resume stream when resume state exists 10 months ago
  lwhsu a764b08abf Fix dtrace test case after r351423 due to ping6(8) options changed 10 months ago
  lwhsu ba0849be48 Fix tests use /etc/motd after r350184 by using an always existing file 10 months ago
  mav f2049416ce MFV/ZoL: Fix wrong assertion in libzfs diff error handling 10 months ago
  markj f0708a6e5a Add hold events for lockmgr probes, missed in r351361. 10 months ago
  markj 4671f56569 Add lockmgr(9) probes to the lockstat DTrace provider. 10 months ago
  markj e0205845c3 Fix inverted predicates for sx lock hold events in lockstat(1). 10 months ago
  0mp 949ffd1977 zpool-features.7: Fix a typo 11 months ago
  avg 59be1403ca Revert r351076 and r351074 because of atomic_swap_64 on 32-bit platforms 11 months ago
  avg 9263cb78d3 MFV r350898: 8423 8199 7432 Implement large_dnode pool feature 11 months ago